Featured Photographer – Karen Geaghan



{About me}

What you should know about me? I am not only a wedding and portrait specialist in Wilbraham, MA who loves and is passionate about my business but also a mom and individual who truly believes in love, friendship, and unity. Call me crazy but I still believe in fairy tales and happily ever after too!

I also specialize in newborn and child photography. This area of my business was a natural progression for me from weddings, and I absolutely adore working with the babies and children.

My accomplishments include many different areas of photography. I have worked in the field of photography for more than twenty years. I am a member of the Photographic Society of America, the Springfield Photographic Society, and a Canon Professional Member. I am also a board member of the Springfield Photographic Society and The New England Camera Council.


{Why & When}

I began seriously using a camera, slide and film of course, when my first son was born in 1991. Like every good mom, I wanted to take beautiful images of my baby, NOT! I used so much film and spent so much money on developing I was told to start earning money instead of spending it. Over time my passion and level of expertise grew. I began my professional career photographing families. One thing led to another and I began photographing weddings. Weddings led to babies and babies back to families. I have been in business full time since 2004.


Featured Photographer – Nate Paradiso



{Why and when did you become a photographer?}
I first started practicing photography in 2009 aiming to capture the night sky. I spent a lot of time growing up under the stars and wanted to see if I could capture some of the beauty. I didn’t realize that it was my passion until 2012 when I traveled through Southeast Asia and New Zealand. Seeing other parts of the world opened my eyes and I wanted to show people what I was seeing. Photography has not only opened up many opportunities for me but has become my main form of communication and has changed the way I see the world.


{How would you describe your style of photography?}
I like to describe my style as natural, raw and organic. Meaning I strive for images the portray the natural beauty in life whether that be a meteor, a spider, or an individual.




{What is the most difficult challenge in the photography business?}
The competition is by far the most challenging part of photography. New technology has made it possible for everyone to be a photographer.



{Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?}
There are two photographers that produce imagery that inspire me everyday- Ben Canales and Sam Hurd



{Tell us little about your studio.}
My studio is all around me, I use the natural wonders of the world as my studio, whether that be a local park, the streets of Boulder, or the pond in my back yard. Although I plan on opening a real studio in the future I manage well now.

SLR_2970 - Version 2


{Name three favorite things in your camera bag.}
50mm 1.8 – a great portrait lens which can also be reverse mounted for macro photography.
300mm 2.8 – great for wildlife and macro.
80-200mm 2.8 – the money making lens.



{What advice can you give an aspiring photographer today?}
From my short experience, all I can say is that the only way to get better is to practice, be patience, and think outside the box. Sometimes errors can be the path to success.



Check out Nate’s website, blog, and Facebook.


Nikon Df Brings Vintage Values to Modern Photography


Nikon recently unveiled its newest SLR camera, the Nikon Df, and while the mildly archaic style has some reviewers drooling, others are concerned. The concept isn’t the most groundbreaking, but its classic bulky appearance raises a couple of conversations about where we’re headed architecturally. It begs the question ‘where is the future of photography headed?’ as you shop for the gear assisting in your most involved projects.

At a moderate 16.2 megapixels, its manual control kit and zoom length are very impressive. Those who favor diverse lighting and media, however, may see its retro look to be as limiting as it is sexy. So, where are photographers going with this new piece? A little backward, and a little forward.

Manually Ahead of its Time

Dated technology is handy, but every inch matters when up against the new generation. The Df is a model for this way of thinking. Through its 50-milimeter lens, according to Stuff.tv, you’ll see both crisp picture and convenient controls that are strangely awesome compared to your average manual SLR. In place of an on-screen dashboard, almost every function has an external dial, and with physical shutter-release and autofocus together, you’re the 50s paparazzi and a millennial designer at the same time.


How to shoot in bad light and bad background situations with great posing!


By wedding photographer Doug Gordon…This was posted last year but it has some great information! Enjoy!


ISO 1200 Magazine

You Need a Website to Advance Your Photography Career


Don’t tell them you’re the best in town; show them. That’s what personal websites enable photographers to do. With no shortage of amateur photographers with spare cash and a mid-level Canon, career photographers have to work harder than ever to stand out. A portfolio website is the place to start. Post your work, list contact information and even blog about your process. A professional website could win you your next client.

Photo Page

Do I Really Need a Personal Site?

Yes, you do. The expression of your personality is important to hiring managers, Forbes.com reports, and the same is true for potential photo subjects. A personal website is an all-in-one glimpse at your career as a photographer. Not only is it the perfect platform to display your work, it also shows prospective clients you’re professional and relevant.


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Photographer Feature – Meet Francisco de Souza


Francisco de Souza 02


{Why and when did you become a photographer?}
Born and raised in a small community in the beautiful African landscape of Zimbabwe, it was easy for me to engage with photography and people from an early age. From age eleven, armed with my Dad’s Minolta camera, I explored my community; making local friends, and capturing photographs of my Shona tribal neighbors. It was this humanitarian grounding in photography that gave me my life-long passion for capturing people and their stories on film. In the intervening years, displaced from my Zimbabwean home, I have actively travelled to many developing countries in Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and South East Asia.

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4 Elements in Picking Out the Perfect Photo for Your Blog


Photographer picking photos

You’ve invested time and money into content for your blog, but you aren’t getting the traffic and conversions you’re expecting. While great content helps you build an audience and maximizes search engine optimization, your readers need visual appeal to keep them around. In fact, a survey by Zabisco found that 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than plain text. Photos draw your readers’ eyes and keep them on your page while they read through your content. However, including pictures on your blog is not as simple as putting up any old photo you find. Proper photo selection, placement, and photo quality are important elements in incorporating photos with your posts.