Expose Me!


After having a successful photography business in Honduras, Andres Clemente migrated to the USA and started from scratch. Now today with two locations and 6 shooters, he shares his story with CMD.


{Why and when did you become a photographer?}

I started photography in my home town in Central America Honduras in 1977, after my father past away, I was forced to move to my uncle’s house, who just happen to have a photo studio, he started teaching me but I didn’t like it at the beginning, so it was a struggle to learn. After 5 years I knew everything about professional portraiture, b/w developing, witch was 100% of my income back then, negative retouching, then color developing, and finally studio lighting and posing.


By 1985 I achieved several awards in national competitions and most of the studios in town wanted me. After finishing college I started working for the Herald newspaper in Honduras and finally became the presidential photographer of the Honduras White House in 1989. But due to political problems, I decided to migrate to the USA. There I couldn’t find any jobs related to my profession, so I started working in a clothing factory for a couple of years until I purchased my first camera. I then started taking pictures, learning Photoshop and video editing until I became an expert in both.

A year later I asked a tuxedo store if they would rent me a space to promote myself. Since then Ive been growing until today. I have about 6 photographers working with me and 2 businesses, one in NY and the other in Honduras.


{How would you describe your style of photography?}

I consider my style to be a mixed style. The fact being, a more traditional style is like capturing a moment in time, and I feel today’s market demands that approach, so I will say mixed traditional and journalistic styles.

{What is your most difficult challenge in the business?}

The most difficult challenge in my business is right now when the market is down, the web is exposing a million amateur and aspiring photographers offering ridiculous prices and using pictures they copy from other sites. I feel this is an unfair competition and the only thing that keeps us alive is the gap in creativity between us.


{Where would you like to see your talents take you?}

I think it would be nice to see myself taking wedding pictures of rich and famous guys (hehehe) just kidding. But seriously I would love to be able to do something special like a photography school for those hiding talents.


{Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?}

My biggest source of inspiration is love, yes love. Every time I shoot a wedding and see love between two people, it opens a new window of creativity and inspiration that is totally expressed in my pictures.

Be sure and view more of my work at www.adorabletimes.com and  www.digifotobodas.com both of this sites are templates of CMD‘s.