Featured Photographer – Mariusz Jeglinski

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I’m a professional photographer based in Orange County, California. I’ve had photography as my passion for over 17 years, as a profession for the last 6.

Right now I’m mostly a people photographer. I started with shooting landscapes on personal trips, but always took great joy in photographing people. I shoot portraits, photograph business people, work with models (both male and female), shoot occasional product for commercial clients. I also photograph kids and families, really enjoy couples and engagement photography; I shot few weddings last year.

It was always about the person in front of my camera for me. I’m also an avid backpacker and still shoot landscapes I started with.


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What kit/gear do you use when shooting?

Right now my main go to camera is Nikon D4 and 85mmf1.8 – that’s my favorite lens, especially for portraits. My second body is Nikon D800, which I keep as a backup, and my main landscape machine. When backpacking every ounce counts, so these days I take only one lens – either Nikon’s 35 f1.4, or 24-70 f2.8. For engagements and family photography Nikon’s 70-200 f2.8 is my go to glass.

My kit expands significantly when I’m on a job requiring studio lighting.




Does your Polish background have an influence on your photography/style?

Polish background helps a lot to break the ice with Eastern European models, ha ha! Similar culture and history, I guess.

But in all seriousness – I don’t think being Polish makes that much of a difference. I learned studio lighting while living in US after all. But the fact I’m a self-taught, and started with photography in film days has influenced my technique. I learned a lot by trial and error, and a lot of good things came from those errors. Film nostalgia still draws me towards black and whites, contrasty and moody portraits.




What is the most challenging shoot you have been on?

I would say my very first real wedding, which I shot all by myself. I had no prior wedding experience, never even second shot a wedding before. I was a little worried at first. Not so much about photography, but the wedding itself. I’ve never been to an American wedding before, so wasn’t familiar with the “flow”. I had an idea and I knew my shot list, but there is a lot of things happening at the same time, and you must react in an instant. Thankfully the couple was great and I had an enormous help from the Wedding Planner who was my sidekick for the whole time, reminding me what will be happening next. Everything turned out perfect and photos were amazing. I loved that challenge. It was hard and exhausting, but very rewarding.


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Most interesting location you’ve been able to shoot in?

I’d go with my backpacking trips and landscapes here – Lower Antelope Canyon, Garnet Lake and Banner Peak in the Sierras, The Wave are among favorites. Places that are hard to get to are usually well worth the trouble.




Where do you see yourself as a photographer in 10 years?

I would love to see myself working as a photographer for big name outdoor gear/clothing company – combine love for outdoors and photographing people together – shooting a new campaign somewhere in Patagonia 🙂 Or shooting some adventurous couples in the amazing locations I know.




What is the most important thing in your camera bag after your camera?

My 85 f1.8, then spare batteries, extra cards. When I’m backpacking – CapturePRO camera clip, tripod and a headlamp.


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If you were not a photographer what would you be doing for work?

Working as a tour guide somewhere, or running tour operating office – Tourism and Recreation is my college background.


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Do you do a lot of post-production on your photos? If so, what is your process?

I used to spend more time in Photoshop, but now it’s mostly Lightroom. I have few presets I developed which are my starting points, and then I adjust settings as I go to give each photo that perfect look. I only use Photoshop for more in-detail retouching right now, where Lightroom just doesn’t cut it.


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Why did you choose CMD for your website?

I did my main website all by myself, and it was quite long process, as I had to learn everything from the ground up.

When decided to put up my engagements and family photography up, I needed a new website, with nice and clean design, with some serious features on the back end. At the same time easy to update, control and operate, as I didn’t want to learn everything from the beginning again.

It was a priority for me it was build on HTML5 platform, as I wanted it to support the latest multimedia and be compatible with all computers and devices. Working on a website while having a mobile and iPad version being built by itself in the background is a great advantage and a time saver. Not to mention an awesome price and outstanding customer service.




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