Featured Photographer | Gazi Regan

Introducing  Gazi Regan, CMD client and facebook fan . You may remember him from our “Simplicity” Photo contest last year where  Gazi Regan took first place. Here is a little about Regan and a look into his work and Photography experience.

Gazi Regan Photography

I am Gazi Regan, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I started photography just a few years ago as a hobby but only after a short time I realized I wanted to do this on a professional level. I began freelancing and now I  work with a monthly magazine and daily newspaper.

Gazi Regan Bride

[Why and when did you become a photographer?]

Every person has a dream to become something, so I, like everyone also has a dream and my dream was to be a photographer. I feel photography is an art and a photo can say much more than words. I don’t just take a photo, I capture a story of life and that inspires me every day.

Gazi Regan Girl in the road

[How would you describe your style of photography?]

 My style of photography is fashion, glamour, portrait and lifestyle.
[What is the most difficult challenge in the photography business?]
In my opinion the most difficult challenge in my photography business is the business itself.  Money, marketing, and the continual learning process are the most challenging parts.
Gazi Regan Photography 1
[Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?]
 I just love “Michael David Adams” photography. http://www.michaeldavidadams.com
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 [Name three favorite things in your camera bag.]
 Favorite things in my camera bag are my camera body 7d, my lens & my flash.
Regan Gazi
[What advice can you give an aspiring photographer today?]
Be confident, accept criticism & keep learning. Find your own inspiration & shoot what makes you excited!!
Gazi Regan Lanterns
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