Featured Photographer Bjørn H. Stuedal

CMD has great pleasure to introduce Bjørn H Stuedal. Photographer and long time CMD Client. 

Bjørn is more than just a photographer; he is the owner of Stuedal Kommunikasjon – a PR and communications company delivering Press materials for companies, website support, magazine- and newspaper content and marketing material. Photography counts for 40% of his total operating revenue. He has been a CMD client for over five years.

[Why and when did you become a photographer?]

I have had an interest in photography since age 10. I got my first professional camera – a Nikon FE – in 1981 and had my first photos published in the local newspaper later the same year. The same year (only 15 years old) I started working as a free lance photographer for the local newspaper. I then worked as freelance photographer and journalist during school years.

(I have a degree in business administration and Master of management course in marketing and PR )


I have worked for several newspapers and magazines, as journalist and editor, later as PR consultant and partner in a large communications company.

Since 2005 I have been running my own PR and communications company. Photography is a vital part of the work I do, together with text and design.


[How would you describe your style of photography?]

My photography is a mix of news/media and advertising. The images are mostly taken with a specific use in mind, either for commercial work like banner ads, advertising, websites or for media press sites.

The photos I make, are nearly always part of a larger marketing or PR campaign – and since I am involved in the whole process, I also influence on anything from location, to models and the final design of the page or presentation.


[What is the most difficult challenge in the photography business?]

I guess as in any business – getting the right payment for your work, and of course, getting the clients to pay in time. But that said, I have not faced any major difficulties or challenges since I started the company in 2005.


[Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?]

I must say my good friend and mentor, Manchester based photographer Brett Harkness. He has helped me a lot developing my own photography style. I should also mention two other UK photographer friends; Damian Lovegrove and Glyn Dewis. I also find a lot of inspiration from TV shows and movies – I give more attention to lighting and camera angels than the plot it self. Two of my favorites are “Numbers” and “CSI”


[Tell us little about your studio.]

I have my studio and office in a converted farmhouse, at my farm in small town Hov, close to the lake Randsfjorden north of Oslo. But most of my work is done at other places.


[Name three favorite things in your camera bag.]

My trusted Nikon D4 and the excellent Nikkor 85 f1.4 are always in the bag. I also use the Phase-one camera a lot.


[What advice can you give an aspiring photographer today?]

There are many good photographers – but not so many of them know how to run a business. Basic knowledge of business administration is essential – and the ability to understand the clients needs is vital. After all, photography is more than just pressing the shutter – you also need to manage the day to day running of your company.


[How has your CMD website helped your business?]

The move to CMD gave me a much better and more professional looking site. It resulted in a rise in number of  request from the web.


[What’s your favorite thing (or function) about your CMD website?]

I have no favorite function – I just love it all and all the possibilities.


[Which CMD design do you currently have?]

I currently have the “Rudolph”-design. It is the best design for presenting my images the way I like.

firefighter image

Take a look at Bjørn’s CMD website HERE.