Client sites: An in depth look part 1 – Multi-Language sites

There are lots of uses for our new Client Sites feature beyond what their name imply. Today we will look at one of the many uses of this powerful new feature. You can see a live example of this set up here.

Multi-Language sites

Let say you want to have your site in both English and Spanish. This can be done easily with a client site. Here is how you do it. First set up a new client site and name it English then add all your pages  and content. Now set up a second client site and name this one Spanish and add all the pages you need to match your English site with the Spanish names and your Spanish text on your text pages and upload the same images.

when done it should like this.

Now all you need to do set up the link to your 2 new client sites. There are 2 ways you could do this. You could either add a menu item to both sites pointing to the other and/or you could use the splash page and add link to both site. I think its a good idea to use both. To add a link on each site add a new page and select link as the page type. On the Spanish site name the link English and for the link add /english do the same for the English site too. To set up the splash page go to the image section of the splash page editor and click the add image or add link button depending on if you want an image with the link. I using a flag image for each link so I selected the add image button, upload your image and for text link type English and for link URL type /english next do the same thing for the spanish link.

It should look like this in the splash page editor.

That is all it take to set up a Multi-Language site. You can see a live example of this set up here.