Client sites: An in depth look part 2 – Artist portal

Say you’re a teacher and your class is having an art show and you want to set up a site for the show with a separate site for each artist that will have a short bio with a photo and a gallery of their art work. Well this is no problem with our Client Sites and each artist will have there own URL to give their friends and family and there will be a main site with thumbnails and links to all the artist sites. Here is how we’ll do it.

First let set up the individual Client Sites for all the artists. To do this click on the Client Sites link in the left menu of your CMS now in the field that says Client Name enter the same of the first artist. Really the only rule here is no spaces with the name, but remember this name will be part of the custom address each artist will use to view their site. Now repeat this process for all your artist sites. Below is what the page should look like after you have added all the artist pages.



Now we will need to populate each site with the pages and content. We will need 2 pages an about page with a photograph of the artist and a short bio and a gallery page with images of their work. Add your pages and content to all your artist sites in the same way you would with your normal site.  Start by clicking on the edit button of the first artist.

Next thing we will need to do is set up our new home page. We will be replacing the current home page with one that shows a thumbnail of each artist and their name. First thing you’ll need to do is deactivate the current home page, to do this click on the active link on the right. Uncheck all 3 boxes for the home page and save it. Now go back to the previous pages so we can add our new home page. To do this we will set up a new page and select the page type of thumbnail submenu and name it home, now click the add button if the page is not at the top of the list of page make sure you drag it to the top.



Now we will add all our artist links you will need to add a new page for each artist. Its not really a page it will be a link, but its added the same way. Do this in the same way you added the new home page. Give it the name of the first artist and select link as the page type and from the last drop down select add to submenu Home. Your new link should now appear within your submenu for home. Now click the edit button for the new link, in the link URL field you should add the same name you used for the client site you set up for each artist. So if you named it Audrey enter this for the link /Audrey don’t forget the “/” its very important. For target select new window now click save. Now click on the page thumbnail tab at the top of the page and upload an image of the artist. Your now done with adding the first artist. Now just repeat this till you have all your artist done.



The finished site looks like this.

You can also view a live demo of this site up here.