How to customize your CMD blog theme

Now that all our templates also come with our collection of 10 wordpress blog themes free we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on how to use them. Most clients are unfamiliar with how powerful our blog theme’s customizer section is and how much you can customize it to fit your branding.


First thing you should do is log in to your blog and navigate to the appearance menu item on the left side bar from there click on the customize menu. This will open up the customizer you should see a list of menu on the left and the live preview on the right. We are going to start with the Berlin theme and change it to look completely different then it does now, with our customizer section you have full control over the look of the theme.




Lets start by changing the position of the logo. We will move it to the center. To do this click on the logo menu and change logo alignment to center. Next lets add a side bar to our home page by clicking on the layout menu and change blog layout to Sidebar on right you should now see the sidebar show in the live preview. Lastly lets change the background color to a background image. To do this click on the background menu and select a background image from the list of image or upload your own background image.


I’m not going to go down the whole list of menus I think you get the point by now. Just work you way down the list of menus and make your changes most everything is self explanatory and the great thing about the customizer is until you click Save & Publish button nothing we will changes. This way you can use it to just test ideas and if you don’t like the changes just click the cancel button and no changes will be saved. Below is a screen shot of the theme after I have made all the changes and as you can see it looks nothing like the original Berlin theme.



This only took about 20 minutes to do and gives you an idea of how powerful the customizer is. You can change the color of anything on the blog. We have also included 50 different fonts and a background library to give you even more control. So, have fun and experiment with the look of your blog.