Important Website Updates!

We’ve just added a new Page Settings page in your Website Settings that now allows you more control
of your website pages.

Along with that we’ve done some other minor website admin updates. Please read all about it below.

Page Passwords

1. Page Settings
We’d like to introduce our new Page Settings which can be found in your Website Settings or by clicking your page ‘status’ on your main Website Pages page. You now have the following settings on each of your website pages.

  • Active

A page that is not active cannot be accessed or viewed at all.

  • Visible

A page that is not visible will not be shown in your website menu but can be accessed and viewed by using the page URL.

  • Indexable

A page that is not indexable will block search engines from indexing it and the page will not appear in

any search listings.

  • Password

A page that has a password assigned to it will prompt viewers to enter the password before viewing that page.

2. Color Settings
We’ve moved the color settings from the main Website Pages page into a Colors tab in your Website Settings section.

On your Website Pages page you’ll now find only 1 color box displaying your page background color. Simply click on that color box and it will take you to the color settings page.

Page Colors

3. View Website Button
We’ve cleaned up the layout a little and updated the View Website button. You can click it to view your website or to view your splash page, mobi or tablet sites you’d simply hover over the arrow and proceed to those choices.

View Website Button

4. Traffic Settings
We’ve removed our Traffic Stats page and encourage you to upgrade to a free Google Analytics account if you aren’t using it already.

Our Traffic Stats can’t compete with Google and we would rather our clients have the best tracking available, especially when it’s free.

In Website Settings under the Tracking Code tab we’ve provided a field to input the Analytics code that you’ll receive once you create your Analytics account.

Traffic Stats


We hope you enjoy your new additions and updates!