Mobile Friendly sites with Google & Development Updates

As most of you already know in late April Google started improving search results for websites that are mobile friendly. Since a lot of you have been asking if your mobile websites meet these new requirements, we wanted to assure that they do. We’ve designed the mobile websites to have correctly fitting images, evenly spaced out buttons/elements as well as an improved navigation/layout design for small monitors. These are all the things you need in order to meet and pass Google’s new mobile requirements. You can actually see how well your mobile website performs by checking out this cool mobile friendly test that Google has provided. Give it a try and see how your website does.




In light of these new changes that Google has introduced we also wanted  to update you all on two projects that our developers have been working on. The first one has been on the HTML5 tablet websites. In the next few weeks the tablet websites will be getting a greatly improved layout change along with an improved design on the menus, text pages, galleries and thumbnails.




The second project has been the HTML5 mobile websites. Over the next few weeks our designers will be improving the look and functioning of the menu navigation. We’ll also be adding new custom fonts and the home and photo pages will be given a new vertical slideshow option. As we progress we’ll be posting more updates on our Facebook page as well as our blog. So don’t forget to subscribe and like us if you haven’t already. Stay tuned!