New Twitter widget added to all CMD blog themes

We have created a new CMD Twitter widget for our blog themes. The widget shows your latest tweets in either the sidebar or footer. If you already have a CMD blog theme just login and go to your plugins page and activate CMD Twitter widget. After doing so go to your widget area and you should see it listed with the rest of your widgets.

The set up of this widget is a little more complicated then most you will have to set up an application with twitter its not hard, but there are a lot of steps. Just follow the instructions below and you will have your twitter feed on your blog in no time.

Follow the steps below to create a Twitter application and to generate the keys.

  • Login to Twitter developer account using your Twitter account and navigate to the Application Management console.

  • Click on the Create New App button to initiate the Twitter application creation.

  • Fill the form and click the submit button to create the application.

  • Click on the application, navigate to the Permissions tab and change the Access level to Read and Write.

To get your application consumer key and secret, navigate to the API Keys tab. The API keys and API secret is the consumer key and consumer secret.
To get the application access token and access token secrets, still in the API Keys tab, scroll downward and click on the Create my access token button to create the access tokens. Refresh the page and your application Access tokens will be shown to you.
Now just enter the info into your twitter widget and select the number of tweets you want to show and you should be done.