Gotta Have It! The Original Handle for “GoPro® Enthusiasts!”

GOTTA HAVE IT! Check out our new favorite accessory for our GoPro… The Original Handle.

This new device is designed to fit all GoPro Hero cameras.

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We’ve watched this new and innovative company grow from the drawing table to today. Take a look at the OH blog and learn more about their process of making it a successful reality! Great job guys!

Original Handle

The Original Handle and Original Handle Pro were inspired by the art of filming skateboarding. For years, maybe even decades, low-angle video captured with video cameras with integrated handles and fish-eye or wide-angle lenses have been the empowering medium of professional skateboarding (and some snowboarding) videos. The beauty of it all was that it enabled any videographer to simply “point and shoot”, rather than look through a viewfinder or at a screen. Thus, we designed The Original Handle and Original Handle Pro for use with all GoPro® HERO cameras.


With their high quality image and video capture, built in wide-angle lens, simple interface and globally accepted popularity the choice was clear to design our products to be directly and solely compatible. Original Handle loves you GoPro and we will continue to design and develop high quality handle mounts and accessories for use with your products!

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