CMD Guest Photographer – Jeff Lefever

The CMD guest photographer for this month is Jeff Lefever.  His personal works website at says he has been “painting, illustrating, photographing: creatively expressing professionally since 1979…”

LeFever Tosti copyright_IMG_1025_CmYk300

He is a facilitator of dialog, a pursuer of forgiveness and compassion and a developer of community.  He also loves to photograph churches and is busy establishing the Foundation for the Biblical Arts. His artistic expression has taken a number of interesting twists and turns and here is just an example…

• Digitally documented the Festival of Lights and Christmas in Jerusalem
• Currently documents churches and church arts and has created a slide show called Meditation in Black and White: Life, a Reflection
• Collaborated with the Makino Blackbird Music Project to create a visual projection to accompany Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire
Jeff Lefever’s commercial portfolio can be found at .

Jeff is happy to answer questions and willing to give FREE advice concerning photographic artwork if you contact him via email at He can also be found on Facebook

February 1, 2011