DIY Green Projects For Photographers

If you’re a photography enthusiast or even a professional, it’s always fun to play around with DIY Photo projects. Especially if it helps save money and possibly helps the environment. So for Earth Day today I’ve listed a few fun, green and Earth friendly, creative DIY Photography projects. Have fun!

DIY flash diffuser

Flash Diffuser

Camera shops will happily charge you for the little bits of plastic that attach to the front of your flash and soften the light a little. Others will tell you that you can’t attach a diffuser to a built-in flash. In fact you can.

Admittedly you’ll look slightly odd with your camera covered in tape and bits of plastic, but who cares what’s going on behind the camera, as long as the shot is great?

To make your recycled DIY flash diffuser, you’ll need a used translucent bottle or milk carton (1). Cut the base off the carton, as shown in figure 2 above. Now attach the base to the camera flash, shown in figure 3. You can add and remove extra layers of carton to make the flash even more diffuse.

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DIY Scarf Camera Strap

Re-use that fashionable scarf you have in the drawer by making this DIY Scarf Camera Strap. Fashion and Function!

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Beauty Ring light DIY

This beauty dish is made from a bowl and is great for head shots.

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Bokeh images are so much fun! Learn how to make these with pager and tape. Easy Peasy!

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soft box DIY

This soft box is easy to make and folds up too.

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DIY Soft Box

Here is a terrific way to up-cycle a cardboard box and save $100 bucks! DIY Light Tent.

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