Get Gorgeous Photos in Seconds with Actions

Getting a beautiful photograph is equal parts camera knowledge, equal parts composition/lighting expertise and equal parts editing. While there are certainly no shortcuts for the former two, editing is a different story. These days, you can literally have your photos edited in a fraction of the standard time with a little help from pre-made actions.


If you’re shopping around for some, check out the BP4U’s Actions Made Easy! Collection, which includes dozens of different actions to beautify your pictures. We love this collection!

Don’t worry, we’re not shy! We can’t wait to tell you just why these actions rock! And while we’re at it, here’s why you need them.

Photo Actions Before and After

  • They Save You Time

As mentioned above, actions save you loads of precious time. They will literally transform your photos with only a few mouse clicks!

  • They Add Mood

Depending on the action you choose, you can make your photo appear more whimsical, romantic, vintage, playful or vibrant.


Photo Cations Before & After

  •  They Provide Consistency

If you’re using the same editing techniques for all your photos, you’ll have a more consistent set of pictures at the end of the day.

  • They Work for Indoor and Outdoor photographs

That’s right, whether you’re shooting inside or outside, rest assured knowing your photos will be easy to edit later.

Photo Cations Before & After

Head on over  to learn more about the BP4U Actions Made Easy! Collection. Oh, and if you’re more of a Lightroom kind of lad or lassie,they’ve got you covered, too! Check out their corresponding package for Lightroom called Presets Made Easy!

Photo Actions
  • a basic action set – This set includes actions for basic retouching: exposure, contrast, white balance, skin smoothing, etc. Includes 17 actions.
  • a black and white action set – Our black and white set comes with a variety of actions to give you the perfect tone that you have been searching for. It also includes actions with haze to give your images a more vintage feel too. Includes 14 actions.
  • a matte action set – Do you want to give your photos that soft, dreamy look? Look no further, this action set will allow you to achieve just that! With one click, matte your photos to give them more emotion. Includes 21 actions.
  • a vibrant action set – Are your photos always turning out bland? Want to pop those weak colors? This is the set for you! These actions will make colors explode and bump the contrast to really give your images that “WOW” factor. Includes 10 actions.
  •  silhouette actions bundle- This set includes actions to add contrast and color to photos that are already silhouettes and silhouette actions to make a non-silhouette photo into a silhouette.

Buy your actions today! You’re gonna love, love, love it!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!