Tips For Beautiful Food Photography

1. Shoot In Natural Light
Lighting is the key to creating beautiful photos. You should shoot food with natural light rather then artificial light. Artificial light can cast an orange or yellow color over our photo.

2. Arrange Your Food Neatly
The position of each element in the scene will have a big impact on your final photo. Arrange your food carefully, the positions of each element is important.

3. Use Less Food Than Usual
Leaving empty space around the outer edge of the plate will help create contrast between the food and the background.

4. Use A Neutral Background
Using a neutral background allows you to place more emphasis on the food. The background should complement your food it should not be to messy or colorful.

5. Take Control of The Shadows
Shadows are important to photography they can make or break your photo. Shadows can enhance your photo by adding depth but can also destroy it by over powering the photo and taking away from your food.