Tips for location photograph shoots

On location shoots can be tricky at time and having a good plain beforehand can make the whole shoot go better and improve your results. We will give you some tips on how to make your shoot more successful and easier on all involved.

1: Scout the location beforehand: A good plain would be to show up to your location about an hour beforehand. This give you a change to scout the location for potential backgrounds and think about the story for my shoot. You also might need to alter the location in some way like remove trash or add something you brought to enhance the location.

2: Photographs tell a story: Look for locations that contribute to the story your telling with your images and look for ways to incorporate the location in your photographs more. Also visit your location at different times of the day and at night the difference could be significant and could bring out the best of the location.

3: Bring your own lighting: Why would you need to bring light when you have the sun? Because the sun can only provide a single direction of light, and some times it will not be in the direction you need it to be.

4: The model is the subject, not the location: Just because your outside doesn’t mean you should throw on the wide-angle lens and forget the model. Also try angles, shoot up or down, you can use the ground or sky as part of your background.

In general plain your location shoot in advance and if you can bring a friend along as an assistant you will always need some help.