Where To Find A Good “Second Shooter”

Many photographers work with second shooters or photo assistants because having that extra person on the job not only adds another set of eyes, but is also adds backup and logistical support.


However finding your  second shooter may not always be as easy as you hoped for; especially when traveling to a new place.  Qualifications, reliability, and good references are all things to consider when booking your backup.  That’s why we want to tell you about www.secondshooters.net.

This is the number one website connecting photographers with second shooters and assistants worldwide. They have a data base of over 2,600 qualified second shooters.  Easily search by country, state or zipcode to find your second shooter.

Do you already know a good second shooter? Then let them know about this awesome service, they can sign up and with approval; become a part of the worldwide Second Shooter list.

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