3 Top Cloud Storage Services for Photographers

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the processing of attaching bulky photograph files to emails for your clients, using cloud storage is one way to eliminate the pain point of multiple email chains. Those chains can result in broken communication or frustration on the client end.

Cloud storage provides a virtual location where users may upload any files they want, including large photo files, to one central location and access them from anywhere. By using a cloud storage service, photographers obtain quick and easy links to share with their clients, which they can open to view photo slideshows all in one place without hassle.


Cloud storage is good for additional backup, in case of device damage or theft or loss of thumb and hard drives. Many cloud storage providers offer free plans, and it is an ideal technology for photographers looking to easily organize and access their work.

Photographers Need Storage

Digital photography files take up a massive amount of space. One raw photo requires the digital equivalent of 750 Word documents, according to Mosaic. Storing disc and flash drives for a thriving photography business in-house could be risky. One fire, flood or other disaster, and everything could be lost.

Even if you already use an off-site service to store your precious data, retrieval from a brick and mortar storage company can take days or weeks to retrieve. Cloud storage provides instant retrieval, along with editing and sharing features that make proof delivery a breeze.

When you are looking for cloud storage options, your cloud service provider should provide you with features that protect your products, make retrieval and editing more manageable and fit your budget.

Options for Photographers


SugarSync provides an interface for you to upload multiple folders containing photos in either gallery or individual layouts, making them easy to share with clients and on social networking sites. Unlimited devices are allowed, and you can access your photographic data and text files from a variety of apps on your smartphone and mobile devices. There is an iPhone app for faster access to your files and folders, according to a SugarSync review.


Dropbox allows you to sync your files between all computers. The service comes with a free mobile app for on-location uploads and retrieval. A free service is available with 2GB of storage, or you can choose from options with larger storage capacity starting at $9.99 per month.


Features that photographers enjoy include the ability to “invite” clients via Facebook, email or phone to view your galleries with access to a customized link. Sharing proofs online reduces the time spent in face-to-face meetings. Clients can preview the photos at their leisure and then provide you with a list of selections for their prints and videos. The service offers a free trial, and paid subscriptions start at less than $5 per month.

Features to Look for

Photographers have embraced digital photography and the many benefits that come with editing software and enhancement features with the newest camera technology. Look for a service with encrypted security features, syncing capabilities that support mobile access and storage capacity that meets the demands of your thriving photographic business. If you are new to cloud backup services, test drive a few free services before you commit to just one — experience is often the best way to determine which service fits your needs.

What cloud storage provider do you prefer for your photography? Let us know in the comments.