4 Deadly SEO Sins

Are you getting mediocre results from SEO? If yes, this is for you.


In order to get success with Search Engine Optimization, you have to target the market with the right key phrases and consistently build links.

SEO is a continuous process and not just a one shot deal.

Below are the 4 deadly SEO mistakes that you have to avoid at all cost in order to be successful in attracting traffic. These are the mistakes made by many optimizers which limits their success.

1. No hyper-tagging with relevant key phrases – This is one of the most frequent mistakes that many optimizers make. Title tags are words that appear on the top left hand side of your Internet browser. It is essential that your place keywords in your title tag because search engines give a lot of preference to it. The title tags are like a title of your website. It tells search engines what your website is all about. If you are aiming for higher rankings for a keyword but the keyword is not in your title tag, then it is unlikely that you will be awarded with higher ranking of your website. Therefore, make sure that your title tag describes the content of your page and place important keywords right at the front of it.

2. Not enough content or outdated content – SEO is a lot more than just tagging your pages. You have to have to upload content for search engines to read. In order to get a higher ranking on search engine listings, your must incorporate the right keywords in your content. If your website is outdated, it will be out of the limelight of the search engines and it will be scanned a lot less than an updated one. This is also a contributing factor for not getting listed higher on search engines..

3. Wrong Keyword optimization. Trying to optimize common generic keywords will be hard and it would become difficult to achieve SEO success because there will be a lot more competition. Research a bit, look for key phrases which are less competitive which are relevant at the same time. Keep in mind that if your website is optimized by the wrong keywords and even if you achieve high ranking, there will be no conversion.

4. No consistency in link building – Link building is a process of getting more incoming links to your website. Quality inbound links will help your website to achieve higher rankings for competitive keywords. But link building is a continuous process. If you never do it consistently, you will not achieve good result from SEO. So, always build links consistently by using article marketing, blog commenting, directory submissions, and other common strategies that optimizers are using

Source: logodesignhive.com