4 Ways To Earn More ‘Cashola’ This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays photogs! The holidays are fastly approaching. Every year this is about the time where I’m thinking, ‘AHHHHHHHHHHGGG.” I think that because the following thoughts are racing through my head:

  1. No one is going to book a wedding package if they have to pay for presents.
  2. No one is going to book a wedding package if they are going to be swamped with the holiday season and the hustle and bustle of it all.

Look at those negative thoughts. It’s time to turn that ship around. We have to start thinking positively. Now, my normal busy booking season is in January/February. Right after all those gents pop the question during New Years Eve. But what should we do through the holiday season? This question is especially important to those that shoot most of their portrait work outside and now it’s FREEZING cold and no one wants their photo taken. The busy season is coming to a close and now it’s time to step it up.

No worries my friend. Let’s look at some other alternatives. Here are 4 ways a wedding photographer can make more money this holiday season.

1.       Re-release Old Client Galleries: If your studio uploads your photos to an online gallery, re-release all the online galleries. Why? Because people are lazy and busy. It’s really easy to order prints online when an email says, “YOUR FAMILY SESSION was just re-released” rather than having to take the cd or file to wherever and get prints made. Even if you don’t provide the cds, re-release the galleries, people don’t feel as guilty about spending money during the holidays, let them feel not guilty about buying your products! As a wedding photographer, I know that I didn’t print off any of my wedding photos until 2 years later… well, you know what I’m doing. You better believe I’m going to go back as far as I can remember and re-release every gallery. Why not? It doesn’t cost me anything (depending on your provider) and I make some extra cashola in the process.

2.       Run a promotion. If you go ahead and re-release these galleries for your clients, run a special promotion. Now, let’s say your galleries don’t have the option of a shopping cart or they offer a shopping cart but you have to pay an outrageous fee when the client places the order. Here’s what I would do. Send a promotion to all of your clients saying you are running a print sale. Have them order directly through you so you can guarantee you are making more money by paying the lowest cost. If you do this promotion where they order directly through you and not a third party lab make sure to give them a tight deadline so they know they only have this many days to guarantee them their prints by the holidays.

3.       Offer gift certificates. This may sound like a no brainer. But a lot of studios don’t offer this as a choice. Offer tangible gift certificates that the clients can give to love ones. I always use to offer wedding package certificates. If you have a mom that has recently been inquiring to you for her daughter’s big day. Send her a promo about your gift certificates. Maybe if she purchases the gift certificate they get something additional like a big print package. Let’s think through this, the mom knows that she’s going to HAVE to book a wedding photographer for her daughter’s wedding day right? Well, if she can book the wedding photographer, get more prints and CALL IT a Christmas present, do you see where I’m going with this… You might just be the biggest price tag on the wedding budget and that bride may think that’s the best GIFT EVER.

4.       Run a cyber-Monday deal: Here’s an even better idea. Run a cyber-Monday deal before Cyber Monday. You know consumers are going to be spending a lot of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so keep that in mind. GET THE early birds. There are going to be bombarded with emails, so run a cyber Monday deal, next Monday even if it’s not Cyber Monday, make it even more interesting and run it a non-Monday. Whatever you have to do to grab the client’s attention.

There you have it! 4 ways a wedding photographer can make more money this holiday season. Get creative with this. Here’s the beauty, let’s say none of these things work for your business. You won’t know what works until you try it. If you do try it, it’s not costing you anything, so if it does work, all the better.

I’ll leave you with two more tips. Look at that, sharing the love.

Do not be afraid to try new things.

Do not be afraid to try things that other people are not doing.

This will set you apart as a wedding photographer even more. Remember to get creative not only with your work but with your business marketing.

Happy Holidays fellow photogs and happy shooting!

Brooke-Bustillos-bp4u-guides (1) Guest Blogger: Brooke Bustillos, Wedding photographer and a blog enthusiast.

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