5 Can-Do Video Strategies to Take Your Business Viral

You want to make your name in videos and you know what you need: a good concept, some highly amusing or entertaining content and a spark to light the fuse. That last bit’s the tricky part, though. What makes a viral video? And even if you have one, how do you use it to best effect? Although it seems tricky, these successful videos actually rely on only a few techniques.

Play On Emotions

Encouraging people to invest emotionally is the best way to take your video from esoteric to everywhere. This is harder to do than it looks, warns Business Insider, before offering a list of the most effective emotions to try and trigger. Humor, of course, is always a winner, followed by warmth, nostalgia, arousal, knowledge and exhilaration. Not sure you can pull off the positive vibes? No problem. Go for the darker side of emotion. Videos that disgust, shock and scare can go viral too. Be careful with these, however, as you might have a tougher time selling your product with them. Still, if you’re in the video market, they could be just the ticket.

Show Your Best Stuff

When you’re looking to get into the video business, you’ve got to prove that you have what it takes. Don’t hold back the good stuff and hope that people will pay for it — show it to them. Not sure what will appeal best? Use an app like TubeRank, an algorithm designed to let you know what people find most appealing, and work within your subject matter to target inspirational content. Think of it as a starter kit, Forbes suggests.

Don’t Fear the Name Drop

Dove got a lot of compliments for its “Real Beauty” video campaign, launched to show that women are often much prettier than they describe themselves as being. Unfortunately for Dove, while the video was a viral success, according to Business Insider, not that many people knew the video was actually for Dove. The beauty titan didn’t insert its name until the end, losing the chance to drive sales unless women watched all the way through. Lesson? Don’t be afraid of your name — it’s what counts, so pop it in towards the beginning.

Bank On It

Closely related to name dropping is using the credibility you’ve already built up. If you have a name people recognize, shout it out. People love to work with names they already recognize. If you haven’t build up name recognition yet, don’t worry. But if you have, leverage it by touting your videos through social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, where they can really take off.

Promote It

Your video won’t go anywhere if you don’t promote it. While you’re hoping people will like the content so much they will spread the word, you still need to get it out. Once you have made your awesome video, send it out to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media contacts. Phoenix-based SEO firm iAcquire is on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ daily to promote its videos and blogs to the world, helping it gain credibility in the competitive search marketing world.

Make It Count

If you bore people, your videos won’t accomplish much more than regular ad copy. A video, says Forbes, is your way to make a human connection with your potential audience. By standing in front of the screen while they sit behind it, you and your could-be customer are building a real bond. Don’t waste it by failing to grab their attention, entertain, or get to the heart of the matter quickly.