Are Bridal Reality Shows Affecting The Bridal Industry and Photographers?

Reality television is a popular choice for viewers. Men and women who are watching at home can identify with many of the individuals in the show. Although bridal reality shows are interesting to viewers, it has impacted the wedding industry.

Unrealistic Expectations

With the rise of television shows that are appealing to reality or situations that are potentially found in reality, it’s actually surprising that the impact on the wedding industry is unrealistic expectations. According to Geoff Williams on USNews.com, bridal reality shows are actually causing real brides and grooms to set unrealistic expectations.

The reality shows depict situations that are related to finding the perfect dress, preparing for the perfect wedding or going through with the nuptials. Although it seems romantic, the shows do not depict the stress or hours of time that is spent in every small detail before the big event.

As expectations for the event shift, it’s also making it harder for workers such as photographers, in the wedding industry to meet those standards. Brides and grooms are expecting better results without realizing the hard work that goes into the smallest details.

Growing Obsessions

As more bridal reality shows become available, it’s not surprising that those planning a wedding are also keeping up with the weddings of others or events occurring after a wedding.

According to Cami Hadley on www.cable.tv, speculation has surrounded the “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” about the upcoming birth of a child. That speculation began shortly after the highly anticipated wedding. Even in the U.S., families were following the story of a fantasy wedding and the events that follow.

The wedding industry is seeing a growing obsession and interest in the weddings of others. As the reality shows depict different weddings, brides and grooms are trying to obtain the same results or are expecting similar outcomes. The obsession with the shows has an impact on the knowledge of new brides and grooms. They are no longer content to follow the advice of professionals and assume that they know better as a result of watching the professionals on television.

Impact on Photographers

Among the professionals who are facing the greatest impact on a career are photographers. According Caren Chesler from the New York Times website, wedding photographers are facing a larger amount of competition because technology is making it possible for more individuals to get involved in the photography process.

Although the best photographers will still have an edge when it comes to getting great pictures, amateurs are able to learn the use of cameras in a relatively short period of time. Digital cameras have made it possible to see the image immediately and make adjustments without developing the film through old-fashioned methods.

The competition isn’t only with professional photographers. Amateur photographers are entering the wedding industry to provide images for a happy bride and groom. The availability of professional cameras and the shorter learning curve mean that even amateurs are able to find work.

Bridal shows are increasing the expectations of brides and grooms while also increasing popularity of the job market. Since the competition in wedding photography is becoming fierce, it’s important to sharpen personal skills, have a professional and up to date online portfolio and develop a niche to obtain the best clients for the future. Wedding photographers need to stand out from the crowd as more individuals get involved in the industry and the competition becomes larger.


Guest Writer: Deborah Clark

A photographer, retail store manager and writer, Deborah enjoys living an eclectic life in North Carolina