Marketing Message! Have You Tried Coffee Shop Marketing?

Our friends over at Wedding Photo USA shared some great tips with CMD today.

Have You Tried Coffee Shop Marketing?

While there is so much emphasis being placed on marketing your business online, don’t forget about essential elements to market your business OFFLINE too. Research consistently shows that combining the two will lead to much more success than only utilizing one or the other.


Effective marketing is all about marketing one to MANY as opposed to past years’ approach of marketing one to one in your business. So, even in your offline marketing strategy, I want you to make sure you’re thinking in terms of what will reach the MOST ideal brides for your business effectively.

You need to be where your brides hang out. For my own business, this included boutiques, coffee shops, banks, cafes, other wedding vendors, venues and more! It helps to have a spreadsheet with this information too so that you can also keep your information at these locations continually stocked.

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