Improve Your Online Presence With Facebook, Twitter-&-Google+

Photographers: Improve Your Online Presence With Facebook, Twitter & Google+

A social media presence is essential for any business, including professional, established photographers or novice photographers who are just starting out in their career.

Improve Your Online Presence With Facebook, Twitter-&-Google+

Marketing your services and creating a solid brand can take many forms from word-of-mouth and photo blogging to building a website and referral incentives. Major social websites and apps, however, also need to be part of your marketing and promotional strategy. Not only do these sites provide marketing opportunities, they’re also influential virtual spaces for connecting with customers, becoming inspired and keeping up on trends.

If you haven’t already, create a business Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ Circles.


  • Design your Facebook page to reflect your brand and style. For your “profile picture” and “cover photo,” use images that are attractive and catch the attention of your demographic.
  • Use social marketing and analytic tools for measuring user engagement and gathering insight about fan demographic. Tools such as Pagelever, Simply Measured and SocialDon provide performance metrics and complement other customer analyses obtained from marketing solutions such as mailing lists and address verification, for example.
  • Frequently post photographs, from professional wedding and holiday family photos to landscape or artistic pictures taken as a hobby. Beautiful images will speak for themselves and will be easily shared by fans.
  • Promote campaigns and special discounts. If you’re a commercial photographer, perks such as all-inclusive package deals, 75 percent off one-day specials or half off a package of 40 portraits, incite action from potential customers.



  • As a photography business, monitor your competitors. Learn about their services, see with whom they’re communicating and check out who’s talking about them. Find relevant competitors by using the search or discover functions. Also, you may come across trends you’ve missed or ideas you should also adopt.
  • Follow industry leaders and photography experts. Tweets and re-tweets share what’s hot in the photography landscape as well as subjects and conversations that talented photographers are engaging in. Become inspired by following on Twitter National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore (@joelsartore), American fashion and documentary photographer Terry Richardson (@Terry_World) and renowned world photographer Jack Hollingsworth (@photojack).


If you’re unfamiliar with Google+, here’s a quick rundown. With 400 million users in September 2012, Google+ contains publicly indexed content that’s “searchable in the Internet,” according to professional photographer Colby Brown. The site connects network users like talented and influential members of the photography community and the Internet together through Circles and integrated Google products. Using Circles, content is controllable and filtered.

Brown adds that Google+ Hangout personally connects people from anywhere in the world through video conferencing. Hangouts can also be broadcast “On Air” or live and recorded for other purposes at a later time. On Google+ you can create events and enable a “Party Mode” feature for Google Events. Take snapshots at an event, and they’re automatically uploaded to your event page and sharable. Most importantly, publishing and sharing your photographs on Google+ yields improved search engine results on Google. Google+ provides social windows of opportunity for everything Google-related. Expect images to look beautiful because of the sleek Google+ user interface and look out for an established, thriving photographer community that already lives there.

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