Pinterest For Your Photography Business

How to use pinterest to promote  your photography business

Pinning Your Photography Business Marketing on Pinterest

Remember when you were a child and played Pin The Tail on the Donkey? Wherever you pinned the tail on the picture of the donkey determined the points earned. Perhaps you also had a bulletin board where you pinned school pictures and artwork, the report card with the gold stars, and a reminder that baseball practice was Friday night. You are no longer a child, but you can still pin things – except now in a way that brings photography business. If you’re a professional photographer pinning the hopes of business success on how well you can network online, you are going to love Pinterest. As the new kid on the social media block, it’s a photographers marketing dream.


No Child’s Play

Pinterest may remind you of childhood games or activities, but it’s no child’s play. It’s a sophisticated image sharing site that has captured the attention of the online community. It seems there are plenty of people who want to share family and vacation pictures and recipes. However, don’t underestimate this social media forum because it’s a virtual bulletin board that can be used as a serious business model by photographers. Once you become an account holder, the site fits the photography business like the tail correctly pinned on the right place on the donkey.

Your photography business can use Pinterest as a marketing tool that fits nicely with other social media networks. Instead of just randomly posting pictures though, you can create any number of themed pinboards. Each pinboard can hold multiple pins or images you upload from your computer or copy in from other websites pages using the Pinterest Pin It button. You can also repin images from other Pinterest pinboards and the original source-link remains embedded with the image while also showing which pinboard you copied from.

You might have a wedding pinboard with pictures of brides in beautiful and unusual settings, and the images are a mix of settings you found on other websites and wedding photos you shot. You could set up an infant board to showcase pictures of cuddly babies that entice people to leave comments like “too cute”. The images or pins can be organized by the pinboards you set up, and the pins on each board can link to your photography website.

Come…Follow Me..

Like any social media site, you invite others to follow you, and you can follow other people. Potential or existing clients that follow you will see your pins stream through their Pinterest homepage. The goal is to get people to mention your pins to other Pinterest users. Anyone following you can pin images to their boards and then in the comment box type the @ symbol and your username. They can also let their friends know about your Pinterest site by sharing your username or Pinterest link. It’s ideal networking.

However, you can also follow clients who have pinboards and use their pins as a way to personalize your photography services. Pinterest can be used to build goodwill with clients. When you know which followers are clients, showing an interest in their pins can develop customer loyalty while keeping your business in front of them.

For example, if someone has a baby and posted pictures on their Pinterest board, you can send the link to your Pinterest page where there’s a pinboard with infant pictures as the topic and a link to your website. The invite through email, Facebook or Pinterest (depending on how you find out someone had a baby) could net you an appointment to take more formal photographs or to create an online photo book.

Let the Ideas Flow

There are several other ways you can use Pinterest to promote a photography business. For example, when a client lives out of town you can pin a set of images to a board to communicate ideas before the actual project gets underway. This enables the client and you to come to creative agreement in a time and cost efficient manner.

Photographers can also use Pinterest to share or stimulate ideas or bring focus to a project. By creating boards with interesting and unusual pins, more imaginative ideas evolve. The pins don’t have to be specific to the project but only designed to spark the imagination. For example, pictures of flowers blowing seeds in the wind and of balloons racing across the sky might suggest ideas for creative engagement pictures of a couple racing towards each other but not yet touching to symbolize the fact they are still unmarried.

Pinterest is by invite only and requires you to join through a Facebook or Twitter account. This is one reason for the explosive growth the new social media site has experienced already. It gives you the opportunity to easily interact with your social media site followers and to keep them informed of your Pinterest boards. However, don’t just link back to Pinterest because that still leaves too much to chance. Instead, keep Facebook and Pinterest interesting by regularly posting exciting new images, photo slideshows or other visually inspiring offerings. The power of social media lies in your ability to attract followers and then direct them to other social media sites or your website. The ultimate goal, of course, is to convert followers into paying customers.


Let Followers Repin Over and Over Again

One of the nice features of Pinterest is that it can be used for any type of specialty photography business including photojournalism, advertising, wedding, family, infants and children, couples, nature, fashion, lifestyle, travel, pets and animals, or any other photography category. If your photography encompasses more than one category, which most businesses do, you can create a board for each one with pins related to that category. When someone clicks on the pinboard of interest, the pins or images are loaded and the viewer can repin any image onto their Pinterest board. When someone repins, the link to your Pinterest site stays with the picture.

Each pin has a short description attached. The description should contain carefully chosen keywords because they are the only way search engines can locate your images. The image captions should be short like titles but also connected to your business by containing keywords with a relationship to your pin and your profile page (think: wedding photography).

Pinterest is easy to use, but it still requires you to spend some time planning and organizing if you want to use it to maximum advantage for your business. You can link your blog or website to Pinterest as well as networking through Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great way to pin your business networking efforts down to build an impressive customer base.


This article was a little goodie from our archives. Just thought it would be good to refresh the Pinterest interest 🙂

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How to use pinterest to promote your photography business