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Part 2: This week I made a very nice champagne type discovery (accidents often happen, but they are not always bad) while doing my searches and SEO related activities. The discovery relates to there being different types of keywords and it lead to something that could help you dramatically increase your SEO effectiveness, your traffic and ultimately your revenue.

But here I am getting ahead of myself, so lets start with the summary for week 6.

You can see the summary, results and comments from weeks 1-5 here.


    • Portrait Photographer Prague: PAGE ONE! Yes, that’s right page one.
    • Wedding Photographer Prague: Page 7
    • Photographer Prague: 3

Not page ones, but still moving in the right direction. Looks like the incoming links I added in week 5 added some SEO value for me, will have to make sure and generate more of these moving forward. Once I finished patting myself on the back I decided to get down to work, this week I decided it was about time I went back in to take a closer look at the meta descriptions on my various pages.

Like many people do (yes you know who you are) when I set up the site I just copied and pasted the same text into the description for each page. So I went in and edited this so that the text was different for every page. I also added a new text page to my website on photography books, a blog post and wedding albums:


Week 7:  The Champagne week

  • Portrait Photographer Prague: Page 1
  • Photographer Prague: 1
  • Wedding Photographer Prague: Page 4

Two page one’s and a page four!

This week I thought about the way people do searches, most start with a broad search like Wedding Photographer Prague, but others might opt for a more specific search. Then I thought back to when I got married (this was before I joined Creative Motion Design, now if I need a photographer I would be simply spoilt for choice with a quick search of our client database). I got married in a beautiful monastery in a village called Zlatá Koruna, near Český Krumlov, which is 170km from Prague. I remembered exactly what I googled at the time, Wedding Photographer Zlatá Koruna. So I thought I would do the same search again, for old times sake. I was on page 1!

This came as a bit of a surprise, I was not even looking for my website, nor would I expect to be there. Then came the champagne moment, I noticed that it wasn’t my website, but a blog post I had done on Wedding Venues. In fact the blog post I had done about the wedding venue that I myself got married in. Come to think of it, I did not recall my blog appearing in the results before, so I checked. For all the other searches I had performed it was my homepage that google had directed me to. So why was it different this time? Straight away I put my SEO action plan for the day aside and thought my time would be better spent figuring out why this was the case, and I was not disappointed.

From my research I was able to conclude the following, You can basically split keywords into 2 groups:

      1. Big Fish

      2. Little Fish

Your “Big Fish” phrases are terms that are searched more frequently, like Wedding Photographer Prague. There are not many of them so competition for them is quite strong.

Your “Little Fish” phrases would be terms that get searched far less frequently, like wedding photographer (specific wedding venue), and therefore people do not focus on them.

But there are hundreds of possible combinations for these more specific phrases and the combined traffic they could generate could be quite significant. So this lead me to re-assess my whole SEO strategy.

I often see people put hundreds of keywords into their meta data for their website, trying to cast the net to cover both big and little fish, the issue with that is that there is no way you would have all of those key phrases in the text on each page of your site. So use your website for the big fish keywords. That keeps the keywords on your site down to a minimum, making optimising your website much simpler and then you can use the blog to try and net in the little fish by adding posts about the different wedding venues in the area that you cover.

This would especially work well for someone just starting out, or someone that has not received great ranking in the past and wants to gain quick results. As you can see from this experiment, “Big Fish” phrases take more time and effect to rank well. “Wedding Photographer Prague” clearly is a bigger fish than “Portrait Photographer Prague”, which is why a good ranking is harder to achieve for this phrase. However, I moved straight to page one, by accident with a single blog post for “Wedding Photographer Zlata Koruna”.

With a website and blog combination they also help support each other’s SEO efforts, the text on your blog helps boost the placement of your website for your Big Fish searches and the better your website ranks the easier it will be for your single blog posts focusing on little fish phrases to rank not only page 1, but sitting pretty at the top of the tree.

Stay tuned for more SEO updates from The Prague Photographer SEO Diaries.


Peter Knight | CMD Sales Manager, photography enthusiast and full time dad.

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