Why Getting Published Helps your Business Grow!

Introducing Two Bright Lights. A fantastic resource for getting your work published and a new CMD Product Partner. Read this post by Shalyn of TBL for helpful insights on how you can take your photography business to a new level by getting published.

Take your business to a new level.

The photography market is ever evolving and this has been particularly true in the wedding industry. One of the drivers of this evolution has come through the huge increase in wedding publications.  Two Bright Lights canvased the wedding publication universe since before 2003 and we found that there has been an 881% increase in the total number of wedding related blogs and magazines in the last 8 years! This enormous expansion has been fueled by the growing appetite of brides for wedding inspiration.

Getting your photography published

Even with the increase in wedding blogs and magazines, according to Liene Stevens of Splendid Insights, 81% of couples want to see more real wedding features. Brides and grooms are looking towards these features to find photographers. In fact, she found that 40% of couples found their wedding vendors (including photographers) through Real Wedding features and trends suggest this number will continue to increase. That means they are looking for your work to be in Real Wedding features! And thanks to the correlation of features with booking, in our Marketing Effectiveness Report, we found photographers who get published earn 73% more on average than photographers who don’t.


Getting published for your business

Due to the huge demand from publications and couples seeking your content, its increasingly important to submit to grow your business. But the submission process can be time consuming and complicated.  That’s where Two Bright Lights comes in. Here are some of the ways our tool makes it easier for you to find the right publication for your work and to get published:

1. Find the Right Publication: Two Bright Lights has 400 hand selected and vetted publications for you to submit to. We have honed in on publications who are committed to both featuring high quality  content and always crediting photographers for their work. We then provide you with tools that allow you to filter through these publications to find the editor that best suites your content. You can then learn exactly what their requirements are and the type of content they want to see.

2. Learn what publications actually want you to submit: On Two Bright Lights you can view and sort through hundreds of specific submission requests editors post. Then you are able to respond to these specific requests. When you submit exactly what the editor is requesting its more likely that they will accept your work!

3. Submit faster and more simply: Submitting on Two Bright Lights is a snap. In a few minutes you can submit to multiple editors and later resubmit work to other editors in one click. Our submission template guides you through submissions – making it simple to give the editors all of the information they need.

4. Manage your submissions in one place: Gone are the days of sifting through emails and discs. All of your submissions are housed on one place on the cloud. You can see where you have submitted, the status of all your submissions, and you can easily promote your success when you are published.

5. Editors prefer it: Two Bright Lights makes editors life easier too. And in fact many editors prefer that photographers submit to them via Two Bright Lights. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here is what they are saying:

Submit to Green Wedding Shoes“Since GWS receives hundreds of submissions each month,  Two Bright Lights is my preferred method of receiving and reviewing submissions. This tool is a great resource for photographers and it’s ease of use allows me to review your work sooner than traditional email submissions.”

Jen Campbell – Green Wedding Shoes

100-pixel-eld-badge“Two Bright Lights has completely changed the way I review submissions. It’s an integral part of my day- the site is up in my browser at all times. TBL has become my preferred method of submission!”

Lauren Grove – Every Last Detail

Submit to Heart Love Weddings“I love Two Bright Lights! Best and easiest way to get submissions!”

Alexandra Beauregard – Heart Love Weddings

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get published!  Visit twobrightlights.com to get started submitting your work today.