Tech Thursday – How to download and backup all of your website images

We’re kicking off Tech Thursday with an article that will show you how to download and backup all of your website images.

The first thing you’ll need is an FTP client. If you don’t have we recommend you try Filezilla.

Once you have it downloaded, install the FTP client and run it. You’ll then see something like this.





With Filezilla running you need to add in your FTP host, user and pass. You can get your FTP credentials from inside your CMS by clicking here.





Once you connect you’ll see two panes. The left pane is your local server i.e. desktop and My Documents. The right pane is your CMD server. Here you’ll see a folder called userfiles. This folder contains all of your websites images.

To download the images simple click on the userfiles folder and drag it to the left pane and drop it into a local directory like your desktop.

Remember be careful not to delete or rename the blog and userfiles folders on your CMD server as it will affect your live website.


April 16, 2015