Can I have a sub menu inside of a sub menu on my CMD site?

This is a common question we get here at CMD. We will show you how to do this using both the sub menu and sub menu with thumbnails. First thing to do is create a sub menu, lets call it galleries. Now lets add a new menu item called places. For the page type select link and add it to your galleries submenu. It should look like this.




Next set up a new menu item and select submenu with thumbnails, lets call this places-submenu. Now create some new pages. I’m going to create 3 called Prague, London, and Berlin they can be any type of page you want. I used photo page for mine, add all 3 to the places-submenu and add thumbnails for each. It should look like this.




We are almost done now, the next step is to click on the active link for the places-submenu menu on the next page uncheck the box for visible. This will make your page not show up in the list of menu items on the site, now click the save button and go back to the previous page you should see that the places-submenu menu item is grayed out. Ok, we are now on the last step, so go back to the places menu item we added earlier and click the edit button. Now just add the name of your sub menu with thumbnail in the link box, but before the name add a “/” so it should look like this “/placessubmenu” and changes target to same window and click save. This is how it will look.




Now visit your site and click on the gallery menu you should see the drop down menu with places click on that and you should see your submenu with thumbnails load. That’s it you now have a sub menus inside of sub menus.