How to use CMD’s custom page option

How to use CMD’s custom page option.

We added our custom page option some time ago and it seems people are a little confused about how to use it. We will give you some examples of how to use it and also show you how we did it.

Video home page: say you would like to have one big video on your home page. We have a video page, but it doesn’t have this option, but we can do it with the custom page. Here is how.

First upload your video to youtube or vimeo then click the share button and copy the code. Then just paste that into your custom page and click the save buton. You should then disable your home page and move this custom page to the top of the list of pages(only if you want this to me your home page).

Video page example:

Iframe page: What is an iFrame? An iFrame let you load a different page or whole site into a page of your site. For this example we loaded our blog into our example site. Here is the code we used to do this.

<iframe src=”” style=”border:0px #ffffff none;” name=”myiFrame” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0px” marginwidth=”0px” height=”3100px” width=”95%” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Just copy this code and replace your blogs address with what ever page you want to laod into your site.

Iframe page example:

Other uses for the custom page: The custom page has many uses you could just use it if you want to have a different layout then the pages we currently offer.

Custom page example:

the custom page is a very powerful tool that has many more uses then we have expolored here. You should expariment with it and see what you can do. If you know a little HTML and CSS you can do almost anything with this page.

July 28, 2017